What could possibly be interesting about a handkerchief?

Handkerchiefs have been a part of world culture for thousands of years. If we look closely at their history, we find significance we never imagined. So what could possibly be interesting about handkerchiefs? It is all about the stories hidden in their folds, and people always enjoy a good story.

I am Katie Dix and I am a storyteller. I want to introduce you and your guests to the fascinating world of vintage hankies. In my engaging and educational programs, your guests will learn about handkerchief fact and folklore, learn to see the vintage hanky as folk art, and gain insight into the cultural uses of handkerchiefs, both historical and current.

The stories woven into these pieces of antique cloth come alive in my six presentations about vintage hankies, which combine art, history and heritage to entertain and inform audiences of all ages.

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