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From ancient times to modern sports arenas, the handkerchief has played a role in social history. In my program entitled Dabbers & Blowers, stories span the ages and continents. Learn how Queen Elizabeth I used her jewel-encrusted hanky to communicate to her court with an unspoken language - everything from "I love you" to "I wish to be rid of you!" Discover which French king mandated that handkerchiefs be square, and how that shape has remained the standard over the centuries. See proof of a British coronation that never happened. Be intrigued by the many uses Civil War soldiers found for their handkerchiefs, and touched by the history of the mourning hanky from Queen Victoria's fashions to the war widows of the present. You will be amused when you hear what the Minnesota Twins Baseball Team learned from the Ancient Romans that inspired them to produce their Homer Hanky. These stories fascinate and engage history lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Audience members receive a gift of a new or vintage hanky.