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Take a step back in time for an enchanting journey down memory lane, when we explore the handkerchiefs of our childhood in Hanky Doodle Dandy. These charming stories take your guests back to the days when we tied nickels in our hankies to carry to Sunday School. Pop culture icons make their way into every faction of society, and handkerchiefs are no exception. Mickey Mouse, Howdy Doody, Dennis the Menace are just a few of the characters revisited in hanky form. See Cinderella and Snow White before their Disney makeovers. Witness hanky tributes to the Beatles and Canada’s Dionne Quintuplets. Guests from all walks of life learn about the hankies of their childhood. They enjoy learning a few handkerchief amusements, such as how to fold a Southern Pew Baby or Twins in a Cradle to entertain children the way we were entertained—before iPods and video games!